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Redditor's Accidental Ticket Purchase Leads To A Pay-It-Forward Treasure Hunt

Redditor's Accidental Ticket Purchase Leads To A Pay-It-Forward Treasure Hunt
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7 months ago

Accidents aren't usually good things. I mean, even if a couple gets unexpectedly pregnant they call it a "happy accident." 

The word's usually reserved for unfortunate occurrences and things that shouldn't have happened. Like when you walk in on your parents getting it on, or when you back your car up after dropping your grandmother off, forgetting that she likes to walk behind the car and not in front of it. Sorry, Nana.

But as it happens, there was a recent happy accident of the non-pregnancy variety that occurred on the r/CasualUK subreddit. The fluke resulted in a Reddit treasure hunt that a ton of people are partaking in now.

It started off innocently enough, someone ended up purchasing the wrong train station ticket. Because they couldn't use it and it was non-refundable they figured to make the best out of the situation and hide the ticket for a fellow lucky Redditor to find.

And as it turns out, one lucky user took them up on their offer and benefited from it rather quickly.

They boarded the train and everything, thanks to that first user's kindness.

Now the thing about the Christmas spirit is that it really gets people in the mood to do nice things and it gets kind of infectious.

And the person who claimed the first ticket decided to pay the kindness forward by leaving a train ticket for yet another passenger.

And would you look at that, someone claimed the second treasure hunt gift and posted the proof online.

The third person wanted to keep the kindness-train chugging right along. They didn't leave a train ticket going to any particular destination, but decided to pivot and leave a meal voucher for peckish commuters.

Redditors are already excited about keeping the love going and even turn it into an annual tradition.

While others were impressed by the coordination efforts of everyone involved.

I, like other Redditors, are just excited to see when stage 4 will be initiated.

Looks like we'll just have to wait till tomorrow to find out.

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