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Source: Mark Wisch/Getty

President Trump's Official Presidential Coin Leaks Online―And Our Eyes Are Rolling


You may not have heard of the presidential "challenge coin" but indeed, presidents have had these coins made in order to hand out as mementos to people they meet, particularly members of the military.

In the past, these coins have generally been inscribed with the motto 'E Pluribus Unum' or "out of many one." But this year the challenge coin got a makeover...

...of the Trumpian variety... 

As the Chicago Tribune captions this photo, "Trump personally involved in redesign of presidential challenge coin, scrapping national motto, 'E pluribus unum,' and replacing it with 'Make America Great Again'."

Which is super insane when you think about it. Who goes around changing Latin phrases that have been in the country forever in favor of their personal, and honestly strange slogans?