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Ignite Your Independence Day Fervor By Looking At These Patriotic Pets

To be perfectly honest, my feelings about celebrating America right now are pretty mixed, what with the state of our political discourse since Donald Trump was elected. But no matter how you're feeling about the U.S. of A, we can all agree that the pets are good. They're also patriotic. Extremely patriotic, and ready to throw down at BBQs across the nation:

Dressed up, in coolers, in pools, eating hot dogs. Pets know how to do patriotism right, probably because they have literally no idea what's going on! Enjoy these pets enjoying summer, patriotism, and independence as much as they don't enjoy the sound of fireworks:

Fizzington Wants YOU To Have A Fabulous Fourth of July from aww
My Pup on Fourth of July from aww
This is Thor celebrating the Fourth of July with us. from aww

I told her to look presidential #America #southdakota #funnydog #patrioticpets #dogsofinstagram

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But seriously, they hate fireworks.

The Fourth of July celebrations have started a little early on my street. from aww