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These 30 Design Choices Will Definitely Make You Think Outside The Box

I was my high school's yearbook editor-in-chief.  After it came out, I remember all my teachers saying it was the wierdest yearbook they have ever seen. I don't know if they meant that as a compliment (in fact I am pretty sure they didn't), but I still took it that way.

Anyway, certain people got a whole page in the year book which they would design themselves. I wasn't allowed to make a single alteration to them. The best ones were just a few pictures and, of course, words of wisdom. The worst ones were the ones that were a just a clutter of insanity. Text and pictures were plastered across the page seemingly at random. There was no unifying theme or message. It was just a mess. 

Everyone who made of these pages were too lazy to take another stab at it and I had a deadline to meet so they always made it into the book. What I am saying here is I completely understand how the following design choices came to be. Sometimes people are in a rush or haven't thought out their idea entirely. And who knows: Maybe we won't appreciate some people's visions until a few decades from now when we'll see it all as "art." For now, check out these 30 design choices that are pretty darn cringe-worthy, though try to keep an open mind.

When you help someone, but are still unemployed
Get a Job. from CrappyDesign
Way to undersell your product
Better Than Cream Cheese? NO! from CrappyDesign
What could possibly go wrong with this letter and this color scheme?
Crappy bathroom tiles. from CrappyDesign
Blue for land. Orange for water. How inventive!
The coloring of this tourist map (Blue for the islands, orange for the sea) from CrappyDesign
Be sure you put them on the proper foot
What about when you cross your legs? from CrappyDesign
Why is it always 3?
This clock I saw at work today from CrappyDesign
I wonder what letters could possibly go there?
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Tell me again what you think a pie chart is.
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Maybe don't use Roman Numerals If you don't understand them
Just look at the 4... from CrappyDesign
I'm confused by what services your offer.
Something something period.... something something pad. from CrappyDesign
Three dots on four dots
These Lego instructions. from CrappyDesign
Did we run out of metal or something
No privacy from CrappyDesign
Pretty sure Germany doesn't use that flag anymore. Neither does Russia, or India, or...
Was looking for a picture of flags and found this on a phone company's website.. from CrappyDesign
If you can spell Lemonade, you should be able to spell Lemon.
Sparkling Leemoonade from CrappyDesign
Couple notes...
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You can just show the numbers, you know.
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Daddy Longlegs-Man
Finally I can bounce around underneath Spider-Man's crotch, just like I've always wanted! from CrappyDesign
Is this a trap?
Been annoying me for a while now from CrappyDesign
Now you say three but...
Um that's a little more than three from CrappyDesign
They ran out room
Got into an argument with a friend over this one. from CrappyDesign
I mean, what do you even say about this one?
Brown kids are weird from CrappyDesign
Not quite sure what that title is
Found this book at my local library. from CrappyDesign
Nope! Shut it down.
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I'm going to find a different cafe
Ass Cafe from CrappyDesign
Well, I think we know what kind of pills those are
Is that a pill organizer in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? from CrappyDesign
You know there are billions of colors to choose from, right?
YOU AKE M HPP from CrappyDesign
How does his arm do that?
The double appendages on this guy from CrappyDesign
Did this dress eat her leg?
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A little over complimentary
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You know the best things about pencils? Let's get rid of that?
The pencil that teaches kids to never make mistakes from CrappyDesign