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Justin Trudeau Just Got A Picture With The Pope, And Twitter Is Torn About What It Means

Trudeau's recent visit with the Pope is turning some heads, but maybe not for what you'd expect.

When President Trump and his entourage visited the Vatican recently, many took to Twitter to voice their opinions about how unhappy the Pope looked to be meeting Trump.

So, many appeared shocked when this image of Justin Trudeau and his wife meeting the Pope was released:

Wait a second. That look seems awfully familiar...

Many Twitter users scrambled to find a suitable explanation:

I mean, the Pope meets a lot of people:

Maybe it just isn't his "thing":

Maybe, it's just how his face looks:

Of course, just as in Trump's case, there were plenty of other photos of the Pope smiling with his visitors.

Like this one, for instance:

Makes you think...