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This Jacked Filipino Bodybuilder Working Out In High Heels Has Instagram Mesmerized

When you think of jacked gym rats lifting weights, clanging and banging, pumping iron, deadlifting, squatting, bicep curling, and extending, decline bench-pressing and doing all sorts of other painful joint-destroying exercises, what clothes come to mind?

Probably gym shorts. Cut-off sleeve shirts, low-cut muscle tank tops. Maybe that one dude decked out in sweats with a beanie who's trying to sweat some weight out for his upcoming show.

The last thing that probably comes to mind are very high heels.

But Sinon Loresca, a certifiable jacked dude, strutted his stuff in some six-inch heels and Instagram can't get enough.

For the Philippines 🇵🇭 #missuniverse walk of fame 👠👠👑

A video posted by 🅾️FFICIAL 🅰️CCOUNT 🇵🇭 (@sinonloresca) on

He posted the videos in support of Maxine Medina, a Miss Universe contestant who was repping the Philippines. Although she didn't win the crown at the most recent pageant, Loresca's been getting tons of love for his enthusiastic vids.

I mean, just look at how flawless he is even when he's pretending to have won the crown himself.

My first walk as MISS UNIVERSE 👑👠👑👠 #missuniverse

A video posted by 🅾️FFICIAL 🅰️CCOUNT 🇵🇭 (@sinonloresca) on

Oh and in case you had any doubt as to how proficient this dude's heel-game is, just look at him treadmilling it in stilettos.

This is how I WORK OUT 💪🏽👠👠

A video posted by 🅾️FFICIAL 🅰️CCOUNT 🇵🇭 (@sinonloresca) on

Would much rather hit pads for an hour than go through that torture. What a bad ass.