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More Than 1,000 People In Boston Got Together For A Massive Snowball Fight

I hate the snow. I hate driving in it. I hate my feet getting wet by it. I hate people falling down and breaking their hips in it. I hate the way everything delayed or slowed down as a result of it. I hate that it kills so many people who freeze to death because they couldn't find shelter. 

Snow is just absolutely the worst, through and through. 

However, because human beings have the ability to turn anything good into crap, they also possess the ability to turn most things that are crap into good. So when it's snowing outside, you put on some warm and waterproof clothing and then get out into the fray. 

So someone decided to host a massive snowball fight on the Boston Common on Facebook. Over 1,000 people have RSVP'ed to the event.

 The instructions for the fight were simple: 

 If it's a snow day tomorrow, this is happening.
Meet outside the gazebo!!! 
There's even a FB live video stream of the festivities.

We're live from the snowball fight on the Common.

Posted by on Thursday, February 9, 2017
This isn't the first time the city of Boston experienced an all out snow war.

 Any Bostonians out there flinging snow at each other right now?