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This Teen Made A Hilarious Escape Video After She Was 'Trapped' In Her Own Bedroom

Feeling emotionally or psychologically trapped is terrible. It's as if you can't breathe and every choice or move you try to make feels soured or downed in some way. The worst is when you start to dream up of fantasy scenarios to magically extricate you from your situation instead of just dealing with the problem head on.

And you know what's just as bad as, if not worse, than being emotionally trapped? Being actually trapped. Like, locked in a room and you can't get out.

Which is what happened to this teen girl's parents took the knob of of her door so they could enter her room.

Problem is when they did that, they didn't realize they effectively locked her in once her door was shut.

So she documented her valiant effort to escape on Snapchat, with a full soundtrack for each desperate scene.

Some people thought that she was being a tad over-dramatic.

But then again, isn't that why it's so funny?