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Here's Why The Internet Is Full Of Photos Of A Red Bathing Suit
12 months ago

You may have noticed the same photograph of a woman in a red bathing suit all over your social media feed. Why is the image going viral? On Wednesday, the swimsuit company Sunny Co. Clothing promised a free suit β€” valued at $64.99 β€” to anyone who shared the photo on Instagram. 

The post blew up, attracting over 340,000 likes, and forcing Sunny Co. Clothing to later tell followers that it might cap the offer. Recipients, the company explained, may not get the suits any time soon due to high volume. 

But while the promotion was popular, not everyone was happy. Social media was flooded with complaints from users whose feeds were clogged with the photo.

Others called the promotion a scam. 

Now we just need to wait and see if anyone will ever get one.