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Woman Finds Out Someone Is Using Her Photo To Catfish A Guy And Cashes In

Learning that someone has used your photos to "catfish" someone usually results in a negative reaction. But in this day and age, there's not much you can actually do to prevent it, and some people have become so accustomed to it, they actually help the catfish out. Just take Twitter user Samantha Bekebeke, from Cape Town in South Africa, who recently received a rather strange request. 

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One of Bekebeke's friends saw the exchange on Facebook, and decided to share it in a now viral tweet. Bekebeke responded to the post to clarify that she had indeed received a share of the cash. 

As you can imagine, people found the exchange hilarious.

While others warned that the whole thing could backfire. 

Regardless of the consequences, this kind of thing seems to be pretty common.

You have to admit, it's pretty enterprising.