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Students Shut Down Homophobic Protest By Having A Fabulous Dance Party

11 months ago

If you're going to be homophobic and misogynistic, the University of California in Irvine is probably not the best place to do it. Twitter user Folake Aina recently shared footage of how students reacted to a man wearing a shirt that read "women belong in the kitchen," while holding a sign that read "homo sex is a sin."

Of course, they reacted how any of us would: by having a massive dance party to annoy the guy. 

Though to be honest, this woman's reaction was by far the best. 

By the sounds of it, he deserved a lot worse than a dance party. 

But as Aina explains, there may have been an ulterior motive. 

And of course, they used Jesus as an excuse. 

As you can probably imagine, Twitter loved the response. 

That did not go well for him.