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Dad's Plea For Positive Messages For Bullied Son Goes Way Further Than He Expected

Anyone who was bullied as a kid will know how lonely it can feel. So in an attempt to show his son that the world is a kind place, Chris Hope-Smith, from Leeds in the United Kingdom recently took to Twitter to ask his handful of followers if anyone knew a celebrity who might be able to send his son a birthday message. 

And things got out of hand quickly. Within a day, this tweet has acquired more than 14,000 retweets and 34,000 likes. 

And the messages of support started rolling in, including from the England football club. 

As well as Olympian Tom Bosworth, who offered to meet up with Ollie and bring a birthday present. 

Astronaut Tim Peake sent his well wishes... 

As well as Simpsons animator Eric Keyes. 

And a myriad number of other celebrities. 

Ollie's mother, Natalie, took to Twitter to express her shock at the response her husband's tweet had received. 

What an awesome birthday gift.