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The Internet Can't Get Enough Of This Giant Beetle's Artwork

Feed yourself a little culture today and check out the work of this amazing new artist on the scene: Spike the Stag Beetle. BuzzFeed News reports that stag beetles are a popular pet in Japan, and Spike's owner fell in love with the idea of having one after seeing them being sold at a festival. She brought Spike home, and they've been co-habitating peacefully ever since. Then last week, Mandy was playing with Spike and decided to see if he could hold a marker. An artist was born!!

Spike likes making and sharing art. Let's have fun together! #stagbeetle #beetle #spikethebeetle

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I'll be honest and say that I generally find most bugs creepy and weird, and I would probably scream my head off if I woke up and saw a stag beetle on my hand. But I respect Spike as an artist and was almost able to look at this video without shrieking:

pretty much just a small dog, right? #stagbeetle #beetle #spikethebeetle

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After sharing Spike's doodles on her account, they really blew up. So she created his own account and has been posting some of Spike's work to it:

But don't worry, he has time for a social life, and even a girlfriend:

Plus some very shiny buds:

And his other hobbies include eating bananas:

He also sometimes holds a knife, which I find very alarming:

But my favorite thing about Spike is that he inspires other human people's creativity: