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This University Had A Very Embarrassing Spelling Mistake On Their Water Tower

Colleges across the nation are reopening their doors after the summer break and welcoming a new class of students. And with many of those students paying a small fortune in tuition, they kind of expect their new colleges to get basic English correct.  

Over the summer, Wichita State University decided to add some branding to their water tower. But when students started to return, they immediately spotted an issue...

And yes, they got relentlessly mocked online for it. 

Yes, Wichita Staty Universite really screwed that one up. Even Mayor Jeff Longwellspotted the issue. 

While the City of Wichita said "sory" for the mistake and promised to get it fixed "ASIP."

Lauragail Gamble with the City of Wichita told WNDU that the blame wasn't on the university because city workers had made the mistake, adding that they fixed the error on Friday. 

Wichita State University's Media Relations Director Joe Kleinsasser only had one comment: "Does anyone have ten gallons of white out?"