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Someone Made A Butter Sculpture Of Justin Trudeau Holding Baby Pandas

The internet's obsession with Justin Trudeau has reached near-troubling levels of obsession, because the Canadian Prime Minister just has to go and do so many gosh-darned cute things.

Like snuggle with a bunch of baby pandas.

I know, the combination of Trudeau's perfect smile, enthusiasm, and adorable, little panda-floofiness is just too much to handle. Yet, here we are.

I mean, my God, that panda is so intently staring into Trudeau's eyes. The man is a whisperer of not only human hearts, but beasts, as well.


Now these photos were taken back in 2016, when Trudeau welcomed the little stinkers to the Toronto Zoo.


That image of Trudeau hanging with the cubs must've left a huge impression on this individual who's got a thing for butter. So much so that they used the photo of the Prime Minister as inspiration for a butter sculpture that'll be featured at the Canadian National Exhibition.

In case you're wondering, yes, all of those boxes are filled with butter.

Apparently, butter sculptures are a staple at "The Ex."

Just makes you want to grab a few slices of toast, doesn't it?