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Firefighters Spend 3 Hours Separating Gym Weights From Man's Sensitive Body Part

No one likes going to the gym. It's boring and it hurts, but it is still something a lot of us do. To pass the time, we make our own fun. Some of us listen to music, others watch TV, and one man in Germany sticks a sensitive body part into weights. 

Okay. So we don't actually know what it is. A lot of people assume it was his penis. The firefighters just said that it was a "very sensitive part of the body," but what else could that possibly mean? 

The Worms Fire Department was called to the scene where they were able to break the 5.5 pound weight using a grinder and a vibrating saw. After three hours they were able to free the very sensitive part of the body. They explain exactly what happened in a Facebook post. 

The last line translates to, "Please do not imitate such actions!" So if you were thinking about sticking your genitals in gym equipment, don't! 

Whenever something gets stuck in something else questions always arise and, boy, do people have questions this time. 

Do not try this at home.

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