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New Hampshire Woman Arrested After Brutal Killing Of Roommate's Ferret, And People Are Appalled

Buckle up for a nightmare story that will make you bar the door to all strangers forever. You may think you have experienced the worst roommate ever, but you haven't. There is a worse roommate and she is currently sitting in jail for allegedly murdering a ferret.

Ivana Clifford was arrested on Wednesday, according to She told authorities that she put her roommate's ferret in the oven and turned it on because she believes the woman stole her clothes. She also says she is pregnant, and that's why they couldn't have ferrets around the house. Seems like there are less extreme solutions to that issue, but it's her story and she's sticking to it. Clifford's roommate and the owner of the ferret was awoken by the smoke alarm, which was set off by her burning pet.

Well, this is truly the worst and everyone is responding with the horror and disgust it deserves.

Hold your pets close and please: get references for your roommates.

How do you think she should be punished?