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Company's Christmas Baking Competition Gets Off On The Wrong Foot After Instagram Hashtag Fail

British baking company Warburtons decided to get into the Christmas spirit with a little competition on social media. They challenged fans to make an post photos of their best crumpets. All you had to do was hashtag your work with #Crumpet Creations.

They even had British star Tom Fletcher help them roll out the promotion:

So, the only problem with their innovative campaign for crumpets was that someone already used #CrumpetCreations. It's popular with Furries, especially a particular costume maker named Crumpet.

Furries, if you didn't know, are people who dress up as animals, generally in cartoon mascot looking costumes. For some it's a part of a sexual fetish, though not for all. Here's a very respectful conversation about it:

It's good to be respectful of what consensual adults decide to do on their off hours. But that doesn't mean there isn't a bit of a war happening over this hashtag. Furries are a bit annoyed that they can't check in with it as normal to see the cool new Furry creations, and are instead being inundated with actual photos of crumpets.

*grumpily judges you* #furry #furries #fursuit #Crumpetcreations

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A spokesperson has told The Independent that Warburton's has changed their hashtag to #warburtonschristmascrumpets. But before that takes over, enjoy #CrumpetCreations, which really offers something for everyone:

Fuzzies! And yet sisters! <3 #furries #crumpetcreations

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Honestly, the word crumpet does sound kind of sexual.