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In A Feat Of Irony, The Simpsons Even Predicted Disney Buying Out Their Parent Company Fox
4 months ago

In a move terrifying many people who work in media, Disney has solidified a deal to acquire 21st Century Fox. It cost them $52.4 billion, and may lead to thousands of people getting laid off. Disney owns an enormous number of media properties, and have been trying to control more and more, even including the voice of critics. They were recently boycotted for attempting to freeze out the L.A. Times after receiving an unfavorable review.

It's unclear exactly what will happen with Disney tightening its control over media outlets, but whatever it is, The Simpsons already did it.

They even predicted this merger as far back as 1998.

And everyone is pointing out online all the ways The Simpsons have predicted this hellish world we're currently trapped in:

Though there is this theory:

Somewhere, I'm guessing Trump is watching The Simpson's Movie and wondering if he should just build a giant dome over America.