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These 30 Design Choices Will Definitely Make You Think Outside The Box

By Zachary Brenner

I was my high school's yearbook editor-in-chief.  After it came out, I remember all my teachers saying it was the wierdest yearbook they have ever seen. I don't know if they meant that as a compliment (in fact I am pretty sure they didn't), but I still took it that way.

Anyway, certain people got a whole page in the year book which they would design themselves. I wasn't allowed to make a single alteration to them. The best ones were just a few pictures and, of course, words of wisdom. The worst ones were the ones that were a just a clutter of insanity. Text and pictures were plastered across the page seemingly at random. There was no unifying theme or message. It was just a mess. 

Everyone who made of these pages were too lazy to take another stab at it and I had a deadline to meet so they always made it into the book. What I am saying here is I completely understand how the following design choices came to be. Sometimes people are in a rush or haven't thought out their idea entirely. And who knows: Maybe we won't appreciate some people's visions until a few decades from now when we'll see it all as "art." For now, check out these 30 design choices that are pretty darn cringe-worthy, though try to keep an open mind.

1. When you help someone, but are still unemployed