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There's Chicken McNugget Ice Cream With Actual Nugget Chunks and People Love It



A new flavor from Irish rolled ice cream company XXI ICE has some people on the internet salivating and a whole other group of junk food enthusiasts grabbing their stomachs in pain.

Rolled ice cream itself is an acquired taste. We've all seen the Facebook and Instagram videos of people taking the iced bits of dairy and then rolling them up on a cold, flat surface. It looks cool, but personally, I always thought it was lacking in flavor.

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It definitely doesn't have anything on a classic soft-serve cone, and that could be because I'm all about creaminess when it comes to my dairy desserts.

It doesn't really matter what I think though, because it hasn't stopped rolled ice cream joints from popping up in various shopping malls and shopping centers all over the world.

And like any food craze, different purveyors of rolled ice like to add their own twist to it.

The easiest way to do that with frozen desserts is to offer a variety of different toppings. Just like soft serve ice cream or froyo, you've got your standard sprinkles, fudges, assorted fruits, candy pits, and other drizzles to gussy up your wonderful, sugary snack.

Then there are places that like to shake it lot. Which was probably was XXI ICE was thinking when they decided to release a Chicken McNugget ice cream for their hungry customers to lap up.

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Source: instagram

I have no real idea what came over the ice cream company to make a flavor like this, but I'll go out on a limb and say it might have something to do with them being stoned out of their minds and suffering from a very severe case of the munchies. I'm just saying, that's been the case for me whenever I put savory fast food in ice cream before. Anyone interested in a french fry Quarter Pounder McFlurry?

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XXI ICE's owner, Tiernan O Connor, talked about the inspiration behind the flavor with Insider: "Why not turn everyone's favorite treat [from] McDonald's into an ice cream? We've seen and heard of people dipping their nuggets into a McFlurry so we decided [to] turn it into an ice cream itself."

The company posted a video of their concoction and how it's made on Instagram. I'm sure that XXI ICE knows exactly what they're doing when it comes to rolled ice cream, but my stomach's roiling just looking at this.

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Reactions to the video and flavor are strongly polarized, and that sentiment trickles down right to O Connor's team. Some members of his staff are really into it, with others who would rather have nothing to do with the dinner/dessert hybrid:

"My team tasted it and got very mixed reactions. Some really liked it and some not very much!"

People on social media didn't hold back when discussing how they felt about the flavors. Many thought the very idea of mashing up a bunch of chicken nuggets into a dairy dessert paste was a sickening idea. Others thought that there are some things that just shouldn't be turned into ice cream flavors.

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Source: twitter
Source: twitter
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Unsurprisingly, there were a ton of people online who saw the rolled ice cream with nuggets and thought, "that doesn't sound so bad."

Source: twitter
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Source: twitter

What do you think? Would you line up for a chance to try some Chicken McNugget rolled ice? Or does the very idea of eating this make you want to McPuke your brains out?

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