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Source: XXI ICE

There's Chicken McNugget Ice Cream With Actual Nugget Chunks and People Love It


A new flavor from Irish rolled ice cream company XXI ICE has some people on the internet salivating and a whole other group of junk food enthusiasts grabbing their stomachs in pain.

Rolled ice cream itself is an acquired taste. We've all seen the Facebook and Instagram videos of people taking the iced bits of dairy and then rolling them up on a cold, flat surface. It looks cool, but personally, I always thought it was lacking in flavor.

It definitely doesn't have anything on a classic soft-serve cone, and that could be because I'm all about creaminess when it comes to my dairy desserts.

It doesn't really matter what I think though, because it hasn't stopped rolled ice cream joints from popping up in various shopping malls and shopping centers all over the world.

And like any food craze, different purveyors of rolled ice like to add their own twist to it.