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Source: Nestle, Amazon

Channel Your Inner Grinch With These Green Christmas Snacks


Every year, I'm all about indulging in classic Christmas treats — between Halloween and New Years, you can find me constantly stuffing my face with candy canes, eggnog, and everything in between. 

But if you're looking to branch out in terms of seasonal snacks, definitely check out these Grinch holiday treats. Whether you're feeling naughty or nice, they will totally help you celebrate this year.

Go green with these tasty Grinch snacks:

1. Nestle's Grinch Cookies

Source: Nestle

You know those pinch-off ready-to-bake cookies that you've probably come to know and love over the last several years? This year, Nestle is releasing bright green Grinch sugar cookies that come complete with an adorable little red heart.

If these don't end up satisfying your inner holiday-lovin' child, I truly don't know what will.