Five Guys Fans Are Shocked to Learn How the Restaurant Actually Makes Their French Fries

A recent viral video has given fans an unprecedented look at how Five Guys french fries are made, but what exactly is the recipe they follow? Details.

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Aug. 12 2021, Published 2:42 p.m. ET

Five Guys
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Plenty of fast food's best-kept secrets have been revealed on the internet over the years, and now it appears that Five Guys is the next restaurant chain to have its cooking processes uncovered for the general public. The chain, which touts itself for having freshly prepared burgers and french fries, is the latest to have its kitchen secrets exposed, and fans are shocked to see the process that goes into making their delectable french fries.

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With that being said, how exactly does Five Guys make their french fries, and what is so shocking about the process? A TikTok user shares all the secrets. Keep reading for all of the known details regarding the crispy, salty slices of potato goodness.

Five Guys
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How are Five Guys french fries made? The process is labor-intensive and ensures freshness.

In a world dominated by frozen foods and preservatives, Five Guys remains a bastion of freshly-prepared cuisine, their french fries included. In a series of videos posted to TikTok, Five Guys employee @maezthegreat gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what employees have to do to make fries for customers every day, and it's certainly a far departure from the bags of frozen, premade fries that other major chains utilize.

The video starts off with the employee showing a bunch of real potatoes. They explain, "First, we wash the potatoes off. Real potatoes." They then share, "[We] bring them to the slicer. Put them in there." They then put a whole potato into an industrial slicer.

The slicer cuts the whole potato into strips, which are then placed in a power washer that helps remove excess starch. After that, the slices are placed in a plastic bucket, which is filled to the top with water.

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In their next TikTok video, the user gives a glimpse into how the fries are actually cooked once chopped and prepped. A handful of the slices are placed in the fryer, which is filled with peanut oil, a brand staple.

"We love pre-cooking our fries," the user adds before going on to dunk them back in the boiling oil a second time to ensure crispiness.

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Afterward, they pull the freshly-cooked fries out and removed the excess grease. "This is what the final fries should look like. I'm going to shake them 15 times to get all the grease out, so they won't be soggy," they explain.

The fries are then covered with a generous amount of salt and are ready to be served to the next customer.

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The original video, which has amassed nearly 400,000 views at the time of writing, has plenty of comments underneath from Five Guys aficionados who stand by the brand's commitment to fresh food.

"Only restaurant I trust and this is the reason why," wrote one clearly impressed user.

"These fries be tasting so fresh to me. Now I see why," chimed in another user.

"That's why it's expensive [because] it's real food guys," added someone else.

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