These Intricate Cakes Really Don't Look Like Cakes

These bonkers cakes are designed by Kristina Dolnyk, an artist and baker from Ukraine. You won't believe your eyes.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Aug. 26 2020, Updated 1:34 p.m. ET

When the phenomenon went viral a couple of months ago, we learned that pretty much anything can be cake. Your TV might be cake, your dog might be cake... You might even be cake and not know it. If you are convinced by this point that you can spot a cake no matter what it's shaped like, I challenge you to take a look at these ridiculously intricate and realistic cakes made by Ukraine-based artist and baker Kristina Dolnyk. I'm telling you right now that every single one of these is cake. You might not believe me, but it's true.

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Could you imagine reaching for a pear and sinking your fingers into cake instead? You'd be ecstatic! Of course you want cake more than a pear. You were only having a pear to try to be healthy. But Now that the pear is cake, you're overjoyed! Maybe the best idea for a cake ever.

What this looks like is a cross-section of a lively fishy ecosystem thriving in a concrete world. What it is is a cake! Kristina often works with blue jello to give her cakes an underwater feel. I simultaneously want to go swimming in it and take a bite out of it. That's a new feeling for me.

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This Godzilla cake doesn't exactly look appetizing. It looks like your teeth would break if you tried to take a bite out of it. But that's how Kristina plays with our minds! This stony, decimated city is actually a delicious dessert!

I just cannot get over these watery creations. She achieves bubbles and the frothy top of the wake and I'll never understand how, but I'm willing to have a slice to try to find out.

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Sure, sure, Harry Potter is magical and whatever, but have you seen this cake?! Because the magic of this cake blows all the magic in every single Harry Potter book and movie out of the water.

Not going to lie, if I went digging for buried treasure and I found a chest filled with gold, only when I bit into it I discovered it was all made of chocolate and candy, I'd be almost as delighted as I would be if it was real gold. Almost. 

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This cake takes the yule log to a whole new level. Is it just me or does that fungus look delicious? I wouldn't say no to some moss or tree bark either. Yum.

This basket of potatoes is so realistic I don't want to take a bite because I truly think this is a joke and I will just end up with a mouthful of raw potato. But all these potatoes are cake! Every single one of them! It makes no sense.

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OK, this is just a wonderful piece of artwork. But don't try hanging it up on your wall because it will slide down, leaving frosting smeared all over it. You know why? Because this impressive painting of a guitar is actually cake.

OK, I get that the rest of these are cakes, but this overstuffed wallet cannot be cake. It's too shiny and leathery! Plus...all that paper money! How? How is this cake?

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Usually when you see cakes made to look like pieces of fruit, they are the most perfect, cartoon-y looking things. But look at that massive, weird strawberry! She achieved the texture perfectly. I don't know how she does it.

This magical carriage cake is too perfect to cut into. Seriously, I wouldn't be able to eat it. Or at least I'd have a hard time making the first cut. Who am I kidding? I'd stick my face in it.

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The burned paper effect on this cake that looks like a stack of books is insanely impressive. I would probably expect it to taste smoky and then only later realize how silly that is.

OK, so every other picture on this list is a cake, but this is a fish. It's just a fish. This fish cannot possibly — hold on. Excuse me, one moment. Wow. Are we sure? OK, folks. I am getting word that this fish is also indeed a cake. Wow.

If you are getting married any time soon, I think you should 100 percent have these bouquet cakes as your centerpieces. Then, when the time for dessert rolls around, you can just tell people to dig into the cakes in the center of their tables! Everyone will love it! They'll be shocked! It's the perfect plan.

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