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15 Restaurants That Apparently Ran out of Plates



We might very slowly be getting back into visiting restaurants soon, and dining in restaurants can be a wonderful communal experience. But it can also be very silly, and Reddit's "We Want Plates" is a great reminder of that. The whole subreddit is full of pictures of restaurants that apparently forgot that you can just serve food on plates. It doesn't have to be squirted into someone's hand our wheeled out in a tiny shopping cart for it to be delicious. Here are some of the craziest things food has been served on.

Mashed Potatoes in an ice cream cone

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I just don't want to eat an ice cream cone full of mashed potatoes, you know? Plus, that's a lot of dill. I like dill as much as the next person, but I would venture to say that's too much dill.

Sichuan chicken on a shovel

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As much as I would love to "shovel" that Sichuan chicken into my face, it looks like, judging from the number of hot peppers on the dish, that that may not be the best idea.

Ice cream on a pine cone

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Try saying the phrase "ice cream on a pine cone" without laughing. You can't do it! Impossible. Cannot be done. 

Soup in a hollowed out butternut squash

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Sure, I get it. Butternut squash soup in a butternut squash. But I know what I'm ordering when I order butternut squash soup. I don't need a reminder of what it is. What I need is a bowl. 

Carrot on a telephone

Source: Reddit

I refuse to believe this is something that was served in an actual restaurant. This is an art piece, right? A commentary on how ridiculous restaurants have gotten...right?

Yucca root crispies on frozen piranha heads

Source: Reddit

Intellectually, I know those piranhas are dead, and I know their heads have been removed from their bodies. Am I still going to think they're going to bite me as I reach down for my yucca root crispy? Sure am.

Martini in a bag...in a fry basket

Source: Reddit

There's so much going on here, and none of it makes sense. I think they know that, too. They tried the bag, and it didn't work, so they put the bag in the fry basket and were like, "Well, it's not great, but they'll figure it out."

Shrimp salad in a shopping cart

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This tiny shopping cart is making me lose my mind. What an obviously ridiculous idea. This had to be a dish passed around at a convention for grocery store managers or something. It makes no sense.

Broccoli on barbed wire

Source: Reddit

Not only does this look wild and ridiculous, but this is also the least-appetizing broccoli I have ever seen in my life. I hope no one had to pay real money for that steamy, soggy mess.

Onion rings on a funnel

Source: Reddit

This seems like a good idea at first. I'll support any idea that has the onion rings start that close to my mouth. However, think about the work you'll have to do to get those bottom rings off. No one wants that.

A meat ship


What a terrible idea. One minute at sea and the sails and the whole deck would be picked apart by gulls. You'd be stranded instantly.

Caviar on a wooden hand

Source: Reddit

Are you supposed to lick the caviar off this wooden hand like it's salt and you're doing a tequila shot? Because no thank you! 

Spaghetti on the table

Source: Reddit

I hate everything about this. I am extremely for crab boils, where you eat crab and shrimp and corn and potatoes straight off the table, but I'm sorry; saucy pasta just isn't the same thing.

Single potato on a tiny chair

Source: Reddit

I just... I have run out of words. This is the funniest image I have seen in a long time. The potato looks so fancy and yet so lonely. I want to go out to dinner only to end up feeling bad for a potato.

Appetizer in a hand

Source: Reddit

This very expensive restaurant serves your starter right in your hand, which is a practice that I can't imagine will continue after COVID. Nothing about this situation is appetizing.

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