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The Widow Of A San Bernardino Victim Has An Important Message For Trump

By Mark Pygas

In December 2015, two radicalized American citizens attacked the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. In the terrorist attack, claimed by ISIS, 14 people lost their lives, among them was 37-year-old Michael Wetzel who left behind his wife, Renee Wetzel, and three children. 

But on Monday, Renee Wetzel decided to pen a moving Facebook post about Donald Trump's immigration executive order which suspends all travel from seven Muslim countries, along with all refugee applications for three and four months respectively.

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Source: Facebook

Wetzel wrote in a caption alongside her Facebook post:

"This has been heavy on my heart the last few days and I have felt the need to say something."
"As the widow of someone who was murdered by terrorists, I can understand that sometimes it is easy to give into your fears and to want to blame someone or something for what is happening."
"However, regardless of your political leanings, Trump closing our borders to certain countries is a basic human rights issue."
"Banning entire groups of people whose only crime is where they were born is not the right answer."
"This is against everything our country stands for. Not all Muslims are terrorists and we, as a country, should not be lumping them together like they are."
"#ChooseLove Matthew 25:31-46"

Her post has been shared more than 18,000 times since it was first posted, and followed White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer using the massacre as a justification for the President's actions.