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Barack Obama Is Learning To Kitesurf On His Post-Presidency Vacation

Barack Obama Is Learning To Kitesurf On His Post-Presidency Vacation
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Updated 1 year ago

Since handing over the reigns of the free world (well... actually, let's not go there) Barack Obama has been enjoying his vacation time. In case you'd somehow forgotten the hat, the former commander-in-chief has been soaking up some sun and getting wild in the British Virgin Islands. 

One of his vacation activities included learning a new watersport with billionaire Richard Branson.

In fact, the two had a competition: who could pick up their new sport faster? Obama learned the art of kitesurfing while Branson tried out foilboard for the first time. 

Apparently, President 44's dedication applies nicely to vacation activities.

“We were neck and neck until the last run on the last day, when I got up on the foilboard and screamed along for over 50 meters, three feet above the water," Branson wrote in a blog post for Virgin. "I was feeling very pleased with myself, only to look over and see Barack go 100 meters on his kiteboard! I had to doff my cap to him and celebrate his victory."

If that's not pure happiness than we don't know what is.

It's worth noting, however, that the Internet is not as happy about his vacation. As one YouTube commenter wrote:

That sad moment when you see yo ex happy with their new life, and you wondering "what could've been..."
You can watch Branson's video below:
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