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This Girl's Log Of Her Dad's Super Bowl Behavior Is Way Too Real For Pats Fans

This Girl's Log Of Her Dad's Super Bowl Behavior Is Way Too Real For Pats Fans
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Updated 1 year ago

Super Bowl LI was an emotional event for Patriots fans — Tom Brady solidified his place in history with his fifth NFL championship and the Pats pulled off an epic comeback. 

While the evening ended in celebration for Pats fans everywhere, the night was an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. As it turns out, there's one especially amusing way to document fans' reactions. 

Imgurian Aqhart uploaded a photo of a little journal entry, courtesy of his friend's young daughter. She decided to make a log of all her Dad's activity on Super Bowl Sunday... And it doesn't disappoint.

There's screaming, crying, laughing, commercials, and a fight with a canine. What more could you ask for?

Imgur applauded the youngster's valiant sports journalism — her brief words truly captured the emotional rollercoaster of the night.

Epic comebacks are that much more satisfying when told through the lens of an observant child trying to figure out what monster has possessed her father. 

Immediately, people wanted more details. How did the dog-owner fight go down? Which commercials were "weird"? How often does Dad do this "evil laugh"?

While we admire her attention to detail, some added descriptions would have really put us in the moment. 

Sure, it all sounds pretty crazy on paper (especially fighting with your dog) but these are the exact lows and highs Patriots fans were feeling on that historic Sunday night.

We all know you were cackling those evil laughs.

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