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This Guy's Story About His Stolen Sex Doll Is An Emotional Rollercoaster

This Guy's Story About His Stolen Sex Doll Is An Emotional Rollercoaster
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1 year ago

Human beings go through some interesting lengths to keep themselves entertained. In my opinion, there are all sorts of surrogates for meaningful interactions out there. For example, social media could be a tool that deadens you to other people if you use it the wrong way, or use it to too heavily replace person-to-person interactions.

When I see 8-year-old kids ignoring the world around them, tapping along at a tablet in a crowded restaurant, mundanely eating their chicken nuggets, it makes me sad and fearful that I'm too addicted to my phone, as well. 

When it comes to sex, with the onset of VR porn, fleshlights, and sex dolls, I have a lot of questions. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against sex toys or porn. Personally, I think they could definitely enhance sexual experiences for people. But as with anything in life, things can take a confusing and dark turn pretty darn fast.

For instance, this guy's bizarre story about his 'accidental' sex doll that was stolen from him doesn't do too much to help my perception of coital surrogates.
The whole thing is pretty insane. Warning: NSFW language.
Twitter was simultaneously fascinated and horrified with the man's sordid tale.
The person who posted the screenshots on Twitter wanted to get to the bottom of where they were from.
From the looks of it he's quite an interesting character, to say the least.
Some found humor in the whole thing.
But most were just horrified.

Which was pretty much my reaction. What do you think?

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