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Chrissy Teigen Drinks Vodka With Mom In New Smirnoff Commercial

Chrissy Teigen Drinks Vodka With Mom In New Smirnoff Commercial
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1 year ago

I don't get wine snobs, particularly because Trader Joe's humble "2-buck-chuck" took home the best wine award at one of the most prestigious wine tasting competitions in the world.

That's right, a $2 bottle of wine beat out the hoitiest and toitiest of wines and fooled sommeliers everywhere. Wild, right?

I'm not saying all alcohols are created equal, though. I definitely taste a difference in some brands of liquors, but then again I don't really drink enough to know all of those subtleties. All I know is that tequila mixed with some squeezed grapefruit and Orange-Tangerine Mio with a dash of Cilantro is absolutely delicious and I could sip on that all night. Man, I miss Miami.

It's that same boozey, "unfanciness" that attracted Chrissy Teigen to Smirnoff Vodka.

The mom, model, and TV personality made a commercial for the booze that's basically just a bounce of hilarious outtakes with her mom.

She even sloppily eats burritos in it.

And laughs her ass off with her mom.

Yes, she got paid to basically drink booze and have fun with her mom.

If that isn't success, then I don't know what is.

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