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Half-Marathon Runners Help Exhausted Competitor Cross The Finish Line


I have a love-hate relationship with long-distance running. Personally, I love the workout it provides and the interminable nature of it. I feel like I'm forced to entertain myself amidst the intense boredom. I have to get really creative, and to be honest, I come up with some of my best ideas after I've been jogging for a few miles.

The downside is all of the terrible pain in my joints. Now, I know there are ways to counteract this. I've tried using perfect form and I've spent hours perusing forums and YouTube videos and analyzing the gaits of professional runners in an effort to replicate them, only to find myself rubbing down my knees the next day, wondering just what the hell I did wrong.

There's a reason why so many people are addicted to marathon running though: the sense of accomplishment you get from crossing the finish line is pretty damn satisfying. But sometimes, your body just won't comply with your will to finish.