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Artist Creates Belle Statue From 1,500 Peeps And We Can't Look Away

Artist Creates Belle Statue From 1,500 Peeps And We Can't Look Away
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1 year ago

While I personally find the CGI used in the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast terrifying, it still didn't prepare me for the sight of this gigantic Peep goddess, formed to resemble Belle in her iconic yellow gown, holding the cursed rose. Made from 1,500 Peeps by Baker Candace Birger for the Carroll County PEEPShow, the edible statue stands at 5 feet tall, which is just big enough to ride my nightmares:

Cosmopolitan reports that Maryland's Carroll County Art Center is celebrating their tenth PEEPShow anniversary. Visitors and online oglers can vote on the peepsubmissions through April 19, but be warned, it costs a dollar a vote. You could also go buy some Peeps with that dollar and create your own show at home, ending in a grand feast. I doubt anyone will let you take a bite out of Belle:

Beauty and the #Peep

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It may be that the fairy tale classic is too romantic for your tastes, but if you're in the area, there's still plenty to see. If you prefer to imagine your Peeps breathing fire or disemboweling you, there's also a Game of Thrones dragon hovering protectively over eggs. I wonder if they're full of chocolate?

Mother of Peeps! #got7 #westminsterpeepshow #wbal

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If you prefer something more intellectual, this guy looks like Albert Einstein. I have no idea who he is actually supposed to be, but an old man made of Peeps is bound to thrill children and adults alike!

Taking a little time from our busy spring schedule to spend a few minutes with the local peeps @carrollartscenter #westminsterpeepshow

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And if all this threatening spun sugar statuary is too intimidating, the PEEPShow also features dioramas, such as this cozy setpiece:

Ah, yes, nothing better than curling up with your favorite Peep by the fire.

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