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Source: Nigel Broomhall

Little Girl Discovers New Way To Ride Carousel, Is Indifferent To Viral Fame

By Aimee Lutkin

I remember the good old days, when kids didn't go viral until they were mature enough to appreciate it. Now, children get their fifteen minutes of fame before they're even out of diapers, and do they appreciate it? No! 

Still, I have to give it to Sienna Broomhall. She doesn't care that she's hot on YouTube right now, and you can tell from the video that made her famous that she doesn't care about any of society's rules. Some people may ride the carousel. Sienna experiences it in her own way:

This video really reminds me of myself when I'm hungover in the morning, only the carousel is dragging me to the kitchen to feed myself. Lots of people seem to find Sienna's alt-carousel riding inspiring. The Daily Dot reports that her dad, Nigel Broomhall uploaded the clip and it's gotten huge, especially after getting memed by BuzzFeed writer, Jen Lewis: