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NASA's Images Of The Earth From Within Saturn's Rings Put Everything In Perspective


I grew up in a pretty religious household and I became more and more obsessed with religion as I grew older. Unfortunately, I followed the path of religion that kind of made learning about scientific phenomena take a backseat to the more "important" matters of the Quran. The mundane, traditional minutiae of everyday rituals were placed higher than more burning questions.

Like, why the hell are we here? I thought I knew the answer - it was a test from God. Some huge experiment devised by a being that, for whatever reason, created a species to bow down in subservience to him and if they didn't tell him he was awesome all the time and live a life he deemed good with very specific rules, then they'd burn for all eternity, or at least a set period of time to absolve them of their sins.

I found the more I asked myself this question, the more I drifted further and further from religion. I started taking in the wonderment of the universe around me, or whatever humanity knew of it. I'd look up at the sky and truly feel alone. It was ominous and awesome and filled me with wonderment. Minutes later, I'd go back to worrying about some shallow BS because at the end of the day I'm a scumbag human being, but for those few moments, I felt the universe dwarfing me and all the crap I "suffer" through in my life.