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Nordstroms Is Selling $425 'Fake Mud' Jeans And People Are Pissed For Several Reasons


My father, and pretty much my entire family comes from a working class background. Diners. Luncheonettes. Pizzerias. Food trucks. Laundromats. Construction. Auto-mechanics - you name it.

There's good money, especially in selling sandwiches and coffee if you've got a prrime location (we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars a year - no school necessary) but it's back-breaking work. You're up at 4am to catch the early rush and you're constantly watching your employees and making sure people aren't screwing you over or ruining your operation.

Which is a big reason why my father was always so insistent that my siblings and I studied and worked hard in school. I inherited a certain amount of laziness from my father (he's a man who would coast on his success and get too comfortable after putting some money away) and it's a thing I'm working to kill in myself each and every day. I do take pride in the fact that I, however, come from a working class background and have nothing but love for the grind and hustle much of my family endure to make better lives for them and their kids. I'm sure a lot of other Americans feel the same way.