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Disneyland Has Lightsaber Churros And People Can't Stop Instagramming Them

By Mustafa Gatollari

When it comes to eating food, I have way too much guilt associated with the act and not enough anger. Seriously, so much of my existence and time and feelings are wasted on worrying about the the junk food that I eat and the junk food that I don't eat. I'm constantly thinking about sugar and carbs and fats and calories.

Now my thoughts on the matter don't really help. I know how bad Doritos and baklava and milk chocolate packed with almonds are for me. I understand this very well, but I don't have a strong enough emotional reaction to stop myself from gorging on junk food.

And just when I think I'm doing all right or I've kicked a bad food habit for a few days, then I'll see something online that looks totally delicious or cool that I have to try.