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Source: Twitter

People Are Freaking Out Over Pictures From This Glass Skywalk 400 Feet In The Air

By Aimee Lutkin

In Chongqing, which is in the southwest of China, there is a cantilevered glass skywalk suspended over a 400 foot chasm. Yahoo News reports that the Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that the skywalk is the longest of its kind in the world, and even looking at video of it might make you dizzy:

The structure was built in Ordovician park in Wansheng to attract tourists, but only 30 of them are allowed out on the walkway at once. Is it worth the wait? Some people are pausing to get incredible selfies, others are facing the fact that vertigo will get you whether you run or walk like a drunk starfish while clinging to the rail. Most people on social media are yelling "NOPE" to the whole thing: