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Watch Chris Christie Get In A Cubs Fan's Face At A Baseball Game


Is it just me, or does it feel like — every single day — there's a new story about one of our nation's leaders getting into some sort of situation that is better suited for, I don't know, a character on a '90s sitcom or a washed up celebrity and, basically, anyone that is not an elected politician. But that has never stopped some of our politicians from behaving badly, and in a way that is definitely not what the people had hoped for when they elected them to office... 

Not soon after his July 4th beach debacle, New Jersey State Governor, Chris Christie, didn't take too kindly to a Cubs fan's comments at a recent baseball game in Milwaukee.

Brad Joseph told the bridge-closing politician that "he sucked," which prompted Christie, with a mountain of nachos in his hand, to loom over him, and call him a "big shot."

The moment was caught on camera — and it was every bit as ridiculous as it sounds. And if you don't believe us, you can just see for yourself in the clip below (and before you watch, you should know that yes, the nachos definitely make the entire interaction that much more ridiculous). Check it out: