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Source: Instagram

You Will Find This Woman's Illustrations Of Everyday Life Incredibly Relatable


The funniest things in life are also the most relatable, and there are fewer things more relatable than being a flawed, less-than-glamorous, human being that's prone to looking ridiculous from time to time. Or the fact that we do some pretty silly, nonsensical things when we're alone, or that life, for the most part is profoundly boring. Or maybe subtly self-destructive, like when we put off the things that we need to get done that'll ultimately make us happy but choose to not do anyway.

A woman named Prudence is bringing all of these little moments and insights into the human mind that make the day seem stupid and too hard, to life, in comics that at least let you laugh about them. Her illustrations are all about being relatable, and that might sound too broad, but they really really are relatable:

Prudence wrote on Bored Panda that she's an "awkward human being in my twenties wandering around, not knowing what comes next." That describes a lot of people and most of the ones it doesn't describe have still been through it. You may see yourself in Prudence's life in more than a few of these. How she's able to hit such a relatable tone is really impressive.