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Uber Faces Backlash For Uncomfortably Sexist Advertising Campaign

Uber Faces Backlash For Uncomfortably Sexist Advertising Campaign
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9 months ago

Monday in Bangalore was "Wife Appreciation Day," which tech company Uber Eats decided to celebrate by sending users a message that suggested, "let your wife take a day off from the kitchen" because "Dear husbands, a gentle reminder - today is Wife Appreciation Day." 

People did not like it:

The BBC reports that in Bangalore itself, the sexism of the message got very little coverage. Guess people were too busy appreciating their wives? But online, a fury was kicked up over the rude implication that your wife spends all day in front of a hot stove.

Uber eventually apologized and pulled the message, and Uber's chief brand ambassador, Bozoma Saint John, also expressed anger over the message:

Uber has recently faced a number of sexual harassment complaints and an internal review led to 20 people being fired for violations. While the husbands and wives of Bangalore may not be particularly sensitive to sexist ads, the company is pretty sensitive about their brand at the moment—and mess ups like this are not a delicious treat.

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