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Source: Facebook

Photographer Reveals The Hilarious Reality Behind Cheesy Photos

By Aimee Lutkin

Gilmar Silva is a Brazilian photographer who does a lot of magical, soft and flattering photo shoots; you know the kind. Engagement photos where people float on a lake, pregnancy announcements where everyone is wearing garlands of flowers. They're very pretty and very unrealistic, which is fine. You should photograph the big events in your life any way you want.

But Silva wants to show everyone what things look like behind the scenes. He's exposing how the photo sausage gets made, and it's not pretty:

The project is called LUGARxPHOTO, according to Bored Panda, which means "place and photo." On his Instagram page, Silva shows what the photo shoot looks like compared to the finished product, and the results are a hilarious juxtaposition of sitting in dirt roads next to a perfect version of that captured moment. Maybe he's just showing off his incredible Photoshop skills, but whatever the reason, it's great: