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Source: facebook

Woman Warns People To Use Their Oil Diffusers Safely In Viral Facebook Post

By Mustafa Gatollari

Oil diffusers are awesome. You've probably walked through the mall, about as unimpressed with your dippin' dots as Sean Spicer, when a scintillating aroma wafted your way, arresting the attention of your nostrils.

Sure some of them might look like alien hatchling pods, but when you put some scented oils in those bad boys, it could really add some pizzazz to a room. 

Now there are all sorts of hipster sounding reasons to pump essential oils in the air of your home on top of "it smells good." The medical community hasn't really found any conclusive evidence that claims made by some diffuser-manufacturers are scientifically substantiated. At the end of the day though, there really isn't any harm coming from the diffusers, and it's just a cool aromatherapy tool.