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Source: twitter

People Can't Stop Joking About Actor Henry Cavill's Absurd Airbrushed Mustache

By Mustafa Gatollari

Justice League might not be getting the best reviews for a variety of reasons, but one CGI-gaffe is proving to be a huge sore spot for viewers of the film: Superman's ridiculously CGI'ed-out mustache. I mean look at this thing, it's so funny you just can't look at it without thinking someone made a bad call.

The British actor was simultaneously filming Mission: Impossible 6, when he was called in to perform reshoots for Justice League. Now multiple shoots happen with actors all the time, the problem is, however, that Paramount wanted him to keep his character's stache on the film. Meaning that it needed to be digitally removed for the DC superhero bonanza. That meant a lot of the updated scenes had this monstrosity in it.