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Guy Who Asked Girl For Gum The Entire Semester Gets Hilarious Parting Gift

Guy Who Asked Girl For Gum The Entire Semester Gets Hilarious Parting Gift
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7 months ago

Jake's exactly that kind of guy who will ask you for a stick of gum every time he sees you with a pack.

That's not me trying to insult him or anything, that's just what I gathered from a recent tweet of his where he admitted to asking a classmate for a piece of gum every day in their math class. Unbeknownst to Jake, however, was the gum-girl was seriously crushing on him, but she never broached the subject to him.

But once the semester was over, she gifted him an entire pack but with a surprise inside.

I mean, just look at that finesse. Look at that creativity. She even wrote "Sorry I'm..." above the Extra, hinting at the big reveal inside.

The first thing I thought when I saw the numbers was, "Well how's he going to know if any of the numbers outside of the area code are in the correct order?"

But she has that covered, behold the tiny numbers on the bottom of each piece so he knows which order he should plug those digits into his phone.

You have to give it up for this kind of ingenuity in asking your crush out.

People immediately told Jake he found his soulmate and offered up some totally serious, not jocular wedding ideas.

Other people asked the more important questions, like why the heck did it take him so long to ask her out in the first place.

And Jake's response fulfilled the "clueless dude" stereotype perfectly.

People started suspecting this was an ad...

But Jake swears that he's trying to get Extra gum to notice the tweet and they've kept silent.

Others pointed out just how great of a love story it really was.

Seriously, I need to know what happens with Jake and gum girl! Hope he keeps us updated.

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