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Source: iStock

People Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Accidental Headphone Unplugging Fails

By Aimee Lutkin

If you have ever listened to music in public on headphones, you have probably at some point subjected everyone around you to your musical tastes. Most people are embarrassed after blasting Alanis Morissette during study hall, but they're also in a rush to tell people about it. People on Twitter can't seem to stop sharing their shameful music exposure with everyone, and that's because people love it.

"My headphones came unplugged from my laptop in the library while I was listening to "rake it up".. why am I so embarrassing," tweeted one Abby.

Okay, "Rake It Up" is a good song, first of all. Though it would be disruptive in a library, because you might start a dance party.