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Source: Facebook

A Minion Prankster Just Stole Part Of A Man's Lawn—And Then Taunted Him On Facebook

By Aimee Lutkin

A man in Kalgoorlie named Brad Nicklin has a very persistent admirer. WA Today reports that Niclin noticed a strange patch of missing grass in his yard one Sunday morning. When he went to inspect it, he saw it wasn't so much a patch as it was an entire square of sod cut out of the ground with  shovel. 

For some reason, Nicklin has CCTV footage of his yard, and went to review it. I would say that it's unnecessary to film your yard at all times, but clearly it ended up being useful.

When Nicklin watched the footage, he saw that someone had snuck into his yard—and they were dressed as a minion. You know, that little yellow dude in overalls. Like the ones from films such as Despicable Me and Minions. Or perhaps you're more familiar with their digital work — aka the millions of memes that your aunt shares featuring those little yellow terrors? Anyway...