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This Confused Toddler Just Wants To Know How Elections Work In America

Elections can be confusing, especially in America. Seriously, just go ahead and try to explain the Electoral College to someone from another country and watch their face while you do it.

Heck, we even have a problem with getting our votes properly completed in the USA. Remember the "dimpled chad" fiasco back in 2000? Thanks, Florida.

Given that the election process can be confusing even for adults, can you only imagine how difficult of a concept it is to grasp for children?

And watching this adorable little girl trying to wrap her head around it pretty much sums up the convoluted nature of modern democracy.

Twitter can't help but nod in agreement.

And people noticed that she's more well-spoken than a certain world leader.

Maybe eventually, we'll understand why or how anyone who gets elected is actually qualified to lead. Until then, let's just hope she keeps asking the important questions.