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Katy Tur’s Uncomfortable Recounting Of Donald Trump Trying To Kiss Her Emerges Online

During the campaign cycle, many of Trump's supporters excused his behavior and ignored his laundry list of past sexual assault allegations, chalking up the Billy Bush scandal to "locker room talk."

But there are several women who allege that the Donald has taken advantage of them and made them feel uncomfortable. NBC's Katy Tur is one of them.

In her book about her experience working the 2016 election's campaign trail, she revealed how Trump allegedly sexually harassed her on the "Morning Joe" set and how she froze as a result and worried that it would cost her her job.

The tweet sparked a Twitter discussion, with some users pondering if kissing a woman on the cheek is considered sexual assault.

For some, Tur's quote explained a lot.

Others wanted to know why Tur didn't bring this up sooner.

Sadly, however, instances like this didn't seem to have an impact on his supporters during the election.

Plus, the fact that Tur thought her career was at stake for rejecting what she perceived to be his advance is troubling, to say the least.

In the words of Trump himself, the whole thing is just SAD.