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Heartbroken Child Gets Help From Baseball Fans After All Of His Memorabilia Is Destroyed By California Wildfires

Wildfires have been ravaging California this last week, with 11,000 firefighters now battling "one of the greatest tragedies" to ever strike the state. Despite their best efforts, the fifteen major fires have killed at least 41 people, scorched over 217,000 acres and destroyed 5,700 structures. 

Loren Smith, 9, was one of those to lose his home in Santa Rosa. And along with his home, he also lost his vast collection of Oakland Athletics basketball memorabilia. 

So he decided to ask for some help. Loren wrote a letter to Oakland Athletics, asking for help replacing his collection. It was quickly posted to Twitter by ABC7 journalist Katie Utehs. 

As well as Utehs' colleague, Melanie Woodrow. 

Fellow fans jumped at the opportunity to help.

As did former A's star Dan Haren.

And current president of the team, Dave Kaval.

And the team's official Twitter account.

What an awesome gesture.