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This Woman's Dachshund Is A Prolific Thief And People Are In Love

Everyone's had a pet who just likes to steal things. Usually, it's a crafty cat, but in the case of Twitter user Francesca Emmingham from York in the United Kingdom, it's her dog, Flynn. Flynn is such a prolific thief that Emmingham took to social media to share a list of items he's stolen. 

That's where the remote went. 

By the looks of it, that chopping board has been stolen more than once. 

At least it wasn't lit at the time. 

"My bowl now." 

Maybe he just wants to go for a walk. 

Hope you're not cold. 

Where'd the pasta plate go? 

Unsurprisingly, people kind of loved Flynn, despite the thievery. 

Others shared their equally troublesome dogs. 

What a bunch of thieves.